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School Involvement in ACA

Here at ACA we are thrilled to share our passion for environmental conservation through education. We work with schools around the world to develop awareness about the Amazon. Through research and fundraising, these schools learn about biodiversity conservation and help support ACA’s work.

Many thanks to Colegio Franklin Delano Roosevelt of Lima, Peru, Roger’s Park Montessori School of Chicago, IL, Davies County High School Spanish Club of Owensboro, KY, Lubavitcher Yeshiva Academy of West Springfield, MA, Mill Lake School of Monroe Township, NJ, the Year 3 children of the International School of The Hague, Netherlands, Roseville School in Roseville, MN, Liberty High School's Rainforest Project in Hillsboro, OR, and Orinda Intermediate School in Orinda, CA, who together have raised more than $5,250 since 2007 to protect the Peruvian rainforest!

We look forward to more opportunities to share a little Amazon conservation with students and schools wherever they are.


Partners and Allies

The Amazon Conservation Association works with allies around the world, and here are just a few of them:

AcreCareAAF The Amazon Aid Foundation (AAF) is currently partnering with ACA through their AcreCare program to help fund and protect 100,000 acres of Amazonian rainforest in the Madre de Dios department of Peru. Founded by ACA Board Member Sarah DuPont, AAF's mission is to bring awareness and environmental sustainability to the Amazon rainforest through multi-media educational materials while assisting partners on the ground who provide solutions to the issues.

AcreCare is an exciting, interactive way to adopt a piece of rainforest and protect it for 40 years. Please visit AcreCare's website and adopt an acre to help ACA and AAF protect the rainforest of southeastern Peru ... one acre at a time!

André BärtschiWILDTROPIX, André Bärtschi
ACA would like to give special thanks to natural history photographer André Bärtschi ( for sharing his beautiful, award-winning photographs with us.

As a wildlife photographer, André strives to document the undisturbed beauty of tropical nature, but also the devastating effects of its systematic destruction, using his images as a powerful conservation weapon. His work has been published worldwide in a number of nature books and in magazines such as GEO, BBC Wildlife, International Wildlife, Natural History, Smithsonian and National Geographic. Several of his photos have won awards in the annual BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition, and in 1992 he was awarded the top prize in this international contest—the largest and most prestigious of its kind.

Michael GouldingMichael Goulding, PhD is one of the world’s leading experts on Amazonian rivers and their biodiversity. He holds a PhD from UCLA and has worked for more than 30 years in the Amazon. With ACA's support, he has directed the production of 10 extraordinary books about the Amazon’s sprawling river system and the rich life it supports. Authored by an international team of aquatic conservation ecologists, these books distill research from across the Amazon Basin into volumes packed with beautiful photos and accessible to a broad audience. Most have been published in English, Spanish and Portuguese. Titles of English editions that are available on are linked below.

  • Smithsonian Atlas of the Amazon by Michael Goulding, Ronaldo Barthem & Efrem Ferreira (English)
  • Amazon Headwaters: Rivers, Wildlife and Conservation in Southeastern Peru by Michael Goulding, Carlos Cañas, Ronaldo Barthem, Bruce Forsberg & Hernán Ortega  (English & Spanish)
  • Aquatic Ecology of the Rio Madre de Dios by Ronaldo Barthem, Michael Goulding, Bruce Forsberg, Carlos Cañas & Hernán Ortega  (English & Spanish)
  • An Unexpected Ecosystem: The Amazon as Revealed by Fisheries by Rolando Barthem & Michael Goulding (English, Portuguese & Spanish)
  • Palms: Sentinels for Amazon Conservation by Michael Goulding & Nigel Smith (English, Portuguese & Spanish)
  • Amazon River Fruits: Flavors for Conservation by Nigel Smith, Rodolfo Vásquez & Walter Wust (English & Spanish)
  • Rio Branco: Fishes, Ecology and Conservation in Roraima by Efrem Ferreira, Jansen Zuanon, Bruce Forsberg, Michael Goulding & Sylvio Romerio Briglia-Ferreira (Portuguese)
  • Larvae of the Large Migratory Catfish by Rosseval Galdino Leite, Carlos Cañas, Bruce Forsberg, Ronaldo Barthem & Michael Goulding (Portuguese & Spanish)
  • Amazon Dolphins by Vera da Silva, Michael Goulding & Ronaldo Barthem (English, Portuguese & Spanish)
  • Amazon Turtles by Richard C. Vogt (English, Portuguese & Spanish)

The books were written by the Amazon Rivers Program team, which brings together scientists and students from various institutions, including the University of Florida, Brazil’s Museu Goeldi in Belém, the Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas da Amazônia (INPA) in Manaus, and Peru’s Museo de Historia Natural and Wust Ediciones in Lima. The research was funded by the Gordon & Betty Moore Foundation and the John D. & Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation. E-book editions in all languages will soon be available here on ACA’s website.


Colegio Frankin Delano Roosevelt Lima

Middle school students of Lima, Peru's Colegio Franklin Delano Roosevelt donated $2,318.90 to the Amazon Conservation Association' Peruvian sister organization, ACCA, in 2011 to offset the carbon impact of their school field trip the previous year >> Read more.

Photo of a school group

Year 3 children from the International School of the Hague, in the Netherlands, were learning all about rainforests and decided to hold a fundraiser for the Amazon Conservation Association. Photo: Shelley Gardella

Liberty High School Students

Members of the Liberty High School Rainforest Project, holding a check for $500 that they raised as a donation to ACA in spring 2009. The club works to educate the student body about the Amazon Rainforest, sponsoring Rainforest Appreciation Day at school, and making short films and other advertisements that are posted during the morning announcements.  The club members have raised funds by donating their time during lunch periods on what the students like to call “Rainforest Fridays.”  Photo: Liberty High School

Photo of girls with Brazil nuts

Girls sorting seeds. Photo: ANIA

Photo of macaws

Scarlet and Blue and Yellow Macaws from Andre Bärtschi’s book, Where the Andes Meet the Amazon

Waterfall in the Amazon

Hidden waterfall in the Amazon. Photo: Luiz Claudio Marigo

Fish migration

Fish migrating upstream. Photo: Michael Goulding

Marcia Cleveland in group

Marcia Cleveland (right) on a visit to Peru. Photo: Amy Rosenthal

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