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In Washington, DC

Hannah Stutzman, ACA's Executive Director as of August 2014, oversees operations in the DC office and coordinates collaboration with ACA’s main partner organizations in Peru and Bolivia. Hannah has been with ACA for the past four years, most recently designing new projects and conservation strategies as its Director of Programs. She has worked on conservation, sustainable development, and cultural issues with major NGOs in the US and Latin America, including Conservation International-Colombia and the Colombian Ministry of Culture, and lived in Bogota for over four years. Hannah has a Master’s of Environmental Management from Yale University and a BA in Anthropology from Bryn Mawr College.

Tamia SoutoTamia Souto, ACA's Director of Programs, oversees biodiversity conservation and sustainable livelihoods projects in Peru and Bolivia, including ACA’s Manu-Tambopata Corridor project. She is in charge of submitting and designing grant proposals and contributes toward the science strategy of ACA's biological stations. Previously, Tamia worked at the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute as the lead scientist for its community-based conservation programs in Peru, in partnership with various oil and gas companies. Tamia is from Venezuela, where she developed her dissertation on household forest dependency and ethnoecology. She is currently the president of her own NGO and received a PhD in Ethnobotany from the University of Hawaii in 2009.

Matt FinerMatt Finer, ACA’s Research Specialist, investigates threats to the Andean Amazon and works with members of the ACA Board to develop strategic responses. These threats include oil palm plantations, oil and gas drilling, road construction, hydroelectric dams, and illegal mining. Prior to joining ACA, he was a Project Scientist for the Center for International Environmental Law (CIEL) Sustainable Loreto project and Staff Ecologist at Save America’s Forests. Matt received his Ph.D. from the School of Biological Sciences at Washington State University in 2003.

Valerie Peterson, ACA’s DC-based Deputy Director, has had a life-long passion for land conservation. She has an undergraduate degree in Geography and Environmental Studies from the University of Wisconsin, and a graduate degree from Virginia Tech in Urban Planning. She has ten years of experience as an urban planner for local governments managing community planning and sustainable development projects, and is experienced in public participation strategies.  Early in her career, she worked on outreach and fund-raising efforts for a local land trust, and was also a researcher for National Geographic. Valerie enjoys traveling, including trips to her husband's home country of Uruguay, where she lived for a time honing her Spanish and volunteering with a community development organization.

Sarah FederSarah Feder, ACA's Program Coordinator, provides support for the development, funding, and management of programs and research initiatives, as well as general and executive support for ACA. A graduate of American University, Sarah has a BA in Global Environmental Policy and Anthropology. She has four years or experience working in environmental policy and international development, including at Women's Campaign International and the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia. She was previously a reporter for Revolver magazine while living abroad in Santiago, Chile, and continues to be involved with climate and food justice activism in DC.

Ana FolhadellaAna Folhadella, ACA's Development & Communications Associate, manages fundraising and communication activities for the organization. She has a BA in International Studies from the University of Michigan and a Masterís of Public Administration from Oakland University. Previous to working with ACA, Ana worked for six years in the areas of program management, volunteer management, marketing, and fundraising for nonprofits in Michigan and Illinois. Ana has studied and volunteered abroad with several environmental organizations doing conservation work in Chile and Brazil.

Eileen RosinEileen Rosin, Finance Manager for ACA, has worked on issues of international development and human rights in Latin America for more than twenty-five years. Recently, she managed the Washington Office on Latin America’s three-year project on the impact of U.S. international anti-drug policy on democracy and human rights in Latin America and the Caribbean, and is co-editor of the well-received volume Drugs and Democracy in Latin America. She has also worked as editor, grantwriter, financial manager, and publications coordinator with a number of Washington-based non-profit organizations. Eileen has a master’s of science in Development Management from American University.

Adrian TejedorMariana Vedoveto, ACA’s Program Associate designs grant proposals, manages conservation and sustainable livelihoods projects and coordinates project implementation with ACA’s partners. Before coming to ACA, Mariana spent seven years working in the Brazilian Amazon developing strategies to enhance the financing and consolidation of protected areas. She has extensive experience conducting research on policies to reduce tropical deforestation and community-based conservation and restoration efforts. Mariana has a BS in Forest Engineering from the University of São Paulo and a Master’s in Environmental Management from Yale University.


In Peru (staff of Amazon Conservation's partner organization, Conservación Amazónica-ACCA)

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In Bolivia (staff of Amazon Conservation's partner organization, Conservación Amazónica-ACEAA)

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ACA Staff

ACA staff members at the Peruvian Ambassador's residence in October 2013. Left to right: Rachel Tennant, Sarah Campbell, Daniela Pogliani, Megan MacDowell, Brendan Buckland, Valerie Peterson, Jeff Woodman, and Hannah Stutzman. Photo: MikeBPhotography

Photo of Luis Felipe Duchicela with staff

Former ACA Executive Director Luis Felipe Duchicela (far right) with Ronald Catpo, Megan MacDowell, and Adrian Tejedor (left to right). Photo: Leoncio Luna

ACCA staff photo

ACCA staff prepare the strategic plan in Puerto Maldonado, Peru. Photo: Nurymar Feldman

Karen with Japu residents

Karen Eckhardt of ACCA (left) meeting with residents of the indigenous Q'eros community of Japu about creating a private conservation area. Photo: ACCA

Ronald at REDD conference

ACCA's Ronald Catpo (left) speaking at a Seminar on REDD in Cusco in 2009. Photo: ACCA

MAT Beneficiaries

Luis Felipe Duchicela (formerly with ACA) and Hannah Stutzman (center left and right) with members of the Santa Rita Reforestation Association in the Manu - Tambopata Corridor of Madre de Dios, Peru. Photo: Laura Samaniego

Laura and Cristina

ACCA's Laura Samaniego (left) and Cristina Trujillo (right) with a MAT Corridor beneficiary who hopes to create an ecotourism program for his private conservation area, holding a tourism inventory map. Photo: Luis Felipe Duchicela

Vegetation Survey

ACCA's Cristina Trujillo, Luciano Huilca and Laura Samaniego conduct a vegetation study in the MAT Corridor. Photo: Luis Villena

Hannah and Daniel

Hannah Stutzman (left) and Daniel Huaman (right) spot birds from the Canopy Walkway. Photo: Leoncio Luna

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