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Join our fight to protect the greatest wild forest on Earth!

Protecting the Amazon means safeguarding millions of species of animals, plants, and insects who call it home. It means allowing indigenous communities and locals whose livelihoods depend on the forest to thrive. It means stabilizing our planet's climate and protecting 20% of the oxygen production of our world. It means a lot.

Amazon Conservation has been protecting the western Amazon for almost 20 years now. We work hard to maximize the impact of your contributions. We are a top-rated charity by Charity Navigator (4-Star rating), Guide Star Exchange (Gold Level), and Great Nonprofits (Top-Rated). So when you donate to Amazon Conservation, you can feel comfortable knowing you are contributing to a trustworthy organization that shares your passion and commitment for environmental conservation.

How to Make a Tax-Deductible Donation:

1. Online
Easily and safely make a one-time or monthly gift online by clicking the button below. You'll receive an immediate electronic tax receipt.

donate online

2. Mail
Would prefer not to donate online? Mail us a check made out to Amazon Conservation to our office at 1012 14th Street NW, Suite 625, Washington, DC 20005 with "donation" in the memo. You will receive a tax receipt by mail within 30 days.

3. Stock
We also accept stock donations through our Charles Schwab account:
Account name: Amazon Conservation Association
Account Number: 23638761
DTC code 0164
Additional information on stock donations (pdf)

4. Matching Gift
Ask your employer for a Matching Gift Form (if available), fill out your portion, and mail it in the envelope with your donation to our office at 1012 14th Street NW, Suite 625, Washington, DC 20005, or email it to us at

5. Federal Combined Campaign
If you are a government employee and would like to make a one-time or monthly gift to Amazon Conservation using the CFC system, please select our CFC Number #49371 when making your contribution.

You can even recognize a loved ones with an honorarium or a memorial gift through your donation. A letter or email will be sent to the honoree or the family of the memorialized to inform them of your gift. Honorarium gifts are appropriate for birthdays, baptisms, bar and bat mitzvahs, graduations, house warmings, weddings, new babies and more!


Wondering How Your Donation Helps?

Your $50 donation can:

  • Help a community build a tree nursery for reforestation projects
  • Help a Brazil nut harvester get legal title to the land they manage
  • Sponsor an environmental education program for Peruvian schoolchildren
  • Plant about 50 trees in a highland Andean community

Your $150 donation can:

  • Help protect the habitat of the giant river otter
  • Support research on sustainable forest products such as natural dyes
  • Outfit a park ranger on the front lines of Amazonian conservation

Your $500 donation can:

  • Provide a scholarship to a young researcher to study the Amazon at one of our field stations
  • Buy a solar panel to boost power at one of our biological stations
  • Support a month of surveys in the Los Amigos Conservation Concession to track long-term trends in Amazonian animal communities

Your $1,000 donation can:

  • Protect forest habitat for jaguars
  • Help an indigenous community preserve its ancestral lands
  • Buy a laptop for the Amazon’s most active research station, providing young researchers access to the Internet and online scientific literature
  • Provide one month's salary and benefits plus the cost of fuel for patrols for a park ranger at the Los Amigos Conservation Concession

Your tax-deductible contribution will help us expand our conservation initiatives in the southwestern Amazon, where leading research shows some of the highest concentrations of biological diversity in the world exist.

Bruce Babbitt in Peru

“ Amazon Conservation is the best organization that I have worked with in my 40 years in conservation, including my time as Secretary of the Interior.”

--Bruce Babbitt, Amazon Conservation Board Member

Thank you for being a supporter!


Donor Privacy Policy

Amazon Conservation is committed to upholding the highest level of privacy of our donors. We never share, sell, trade, rent or publish names, telephone numbers, or e-mail or postal addresses of our donors, unless specifically requested to do so by the donor. Unless indicated by the donor, gifts to Amazon Conservation will be publicly acknowledged.


Amazon Conservation is a non-profit, tax exempt public charity as described in section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code. A copy of our IRS Letter is available on demand. Our financial information is publicly available on this website. If you have any questions, please email us at or call (202) 234-2356.



Photo of frog

Leaf frog at Los Amigos Biological Station. Photo: Trond Larsen

Photo of orchids

Orchids at the Wayqecha Cloud Forest Research Station. Photo: Megan MacDowell

Photo of a girl holding a carved toy

Girl with carved Agouti paca. Photo: Joaquin Leguia

Photo of a three-toed sloth

Three-toed sloth at Los Amigos Conservation Concession. Photo: Susan Cousineau

red tapestry