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Job Opportunities with Amazon Conservation

One Position is currently open with a partner of Amazon Conservation, Amazon Journeys





  • Application package should include: Curriculum vitae, Letter of interest, specifying specific experience in growing a tourist business and 3 professional references.
  • Application will be received through April,7th , 2019  to the mail, with subject line "PF001-2019".
  • Applications will be evaluated and only candidates selected for an interview will be contacted. Applicants who do not comply with the established indications, will be automatically disqualified from the process.
  • Download the full job listing here.


Amazon Journeys is a fast-growing, Peruvian nature tour company that operates three lodges in the biodiversity hotspot of the Andes Amazon region. The lodge properties total 10,000 acres, include nearly 60 miles of trails, and are located in the buffer zone of Manu National Park.  They feature a total of 24 cabins, 5 dormitories, 3 laboratories, 3 dining halls, and other accessory buildings, and host tourists, researchers and field courses. Two of the lodge properties are accessible by road from Cusco and located along Manu Road, the famed birding route, and the third is located by road and boat from Puerto Maldonado in the lowland Amazon.

Amazon Journeys has offices in Puerto Maldonado and Cusco, and employs over 30 staff committed to providing excellent product and service to its guests.

Amazon Journeys’ main niche target markets, and the ones where marketing efforts are directed, are birdwatching, nature lovers, nature photographers and other similar.

The company’s environmental and social mission is to unite science, innovation and community to protect the western Amazon, the greatest wild forest on earth.


The General Manager will be the legal representative for the company, responding directly to the shareholders. S/He will be the strategic business leader for the company and responsible for its overall success, which includes financial sustainability, an exceptional guest experience, well-trained and motivated staff, and a demonstrated commitment to conservation.

The General Manager will oversee all aspects of the operation including legal and tax representation, business planning, budgeting, pricing, facilities and maintenance, product development, sales and marketing, customer service, health and safety compliance, food and beverage, reservations and logistics, human resources, housekeeping, attractions, and guest services.


  • Financial Management: Supervise the finance and admin department and prepare annual operating and capital budget, comply with legal, operational and tax requirements, prepare ad-hoc financial reports that will allow an effective cost control as well as a solid basis for decision-making.
  • Marketing and Sales: Develop sales and marketing plans with the goal of increasing revenue by at least 20% annually. Target marketing to birding, nature, photography, and similar tourist niche markets. Promote Amazon Journeys in national and international hospitality industry platforms (bird fairs, conferences, magazines, guide-books, websites and similar).
  • Security, Health and Safety: Ensure a safe and secure environment for guests and staff, in compliance with approved policies and procedures, and local regulatory requirements. Coordinate with local authorities as necessary.
  • Product Development: Develop and maintain a compelling product and guest experience. Establish and implement services and programs that meet or exceed guest expectations. Maintain product and service quality standards by conducting ongoing evaluations.
  • Operational Management: Ensure efficient operations that delivers a superior product and guest experience. Monitor performance through verification and analysis of guest satisfaction systems and other tools.
  • Personnel Management. Oversee all staff teams, and maintain a highly functional team, promote positive morale, and provide professional development opportunities.
  • Facilities Management: Implement a facilities plan that promotes a superior guest experience, makes efficient use of existing buildings and infrastructure, contemplates incremental upgrades as necessitated by anticipated growth, and ensures that all investments can be adequately protected.
  • Conservation: Ensure that the 10,000 acres of lodge property contribute to conservation of Amazonian forests by ensuring that site plans reflect forest and wildlife conservation priorities. Communicate conservation information and values to visitors, coordinating with scientists and program staff where necessary, for effective implementation of mission related science, education and conservation programming.


  • At least five to eight years of professional experience in hospitality-related environments with an international outlook.
  • Demonstrated success and experience growing revenue sources, targeting marketing to birding, nature, photography, and similar tourist niche markets
  • Experience with facilities management in weather demanding locations
  • Experience with the development and implementation of strategic plans and initiatives to grow sales and revenues through successful marketing initiatives.
  • Passionate and experienced about exceeding guests’ expectations.
  • Financial and business acumen to ensure financial long-term stability of the organization.
  • Strong team ethic, with demonstrated success in organizational or collaborative leadership.
  • Effective in public speaking and serving as an organizational spokesperson with a wide variety of stakeholders, respecting local and rural contexts.
  • Diplomatic and even-tempered with diverse audiences and in high-pressure situations.
  • Leadership skills and ability to foster a healthy organizational culture, to encourage teamwork and collaboration, to inspire and motivate others toward stated goals.
  • Strong connection with and passion for the mission of Amazon Conservation.
  • Necessary: English and Spanish fluency in speech and writing.
  • Willingness to travel frequently at national and international level.
  • Desirable: an extended network of contacts related to the international adventure and nature related travel, with emphasis on Latin America and the Amazon.


Suitable candidates shall apply through April, 7th , 2019 to the email:, with subject line PF001-2019.

Application package shall include:

  • CV
  • Letter of interest, specifying specific experience in growing a tourist business.
  • 3 professional references.


Photo of Steve Panfil

Steven Panfil on an ACA expedition. Photo: Raechel Running

Photo of Steve Panfil

Working with the high-andean community of Quico. Photo: Steven Panfil

Los Amigos promotores

Guards or promotores of the Los Amigos Conservation Concession. Photo: Nigel Pitman

River crossing photo

Crossing the river on a raft to the Haramba Queros Wachiperi Ecological Reserve. Photo: Ronald Catpo

Staff and board members celebrate the fifth anniversary of the Los Amigos Conservation Concession. Photo: ACCA

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