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The Los Amigos Art Program

We do a lot of science at Los Amigos, but science alone won’t save the Amazon. That’s why our research stations are also open to artists—friends and volunteers who help spread the word about the Amazon in as many creative ways as possible. Have a look at what they’ve been up to:

Gordon UlmerMusic

Gordon Ulmer, an American student at the University of Texas, recorded forest sounds at Los Amigos in 2008 to do research and to make electronic dance music. Download songs and explore more of Gordon’s music »

Painting and Drawing

Christina DiPaci, an American student at Parson’s School of Design, was resident artist at Los Amigos August to September 2008.

Susan Cousineau, a Canadian student at the University of Calgary, found time between research at Los Amigos in 2008 to draw.

Carrie-Ann Bracco, a Brooklyn-based artist who spent time oil painting in Los Amigos in early 2009. See examples of her Los Amigos-inspired paintings below or visit her website for more examples of her work.



Christian Baumeister, a German documentary filmmaker, worked on a film about Amazonia at the station in 2008.

Lucy Cooke, a British blogger and film-maker, quit her regular job and spent time traveling in South America to study and write about the amphibian extinction crisis.  She spent January 2010 at Los Amigos documenting the work of resident biologists. Read an article she wrote for the Telegraph and see a short film she made about moths at Los Amigos below. For more, see her Vimeo site.

The Discovery Channel filmed a segment of the series “Raw Nature” at Los Amigos in 2007.

The Ocean Futures Society filmed part of its “Return to the Amazon” at Los Amigos in 2007.



Frances Buerkens, a student at Berea College, was resident artist at Los Amigos in June-July 2008. Read her Los Amigos blog »

David Johnston from South Africa was resident artist in photography and publicity at Los Amigos in 2009. Read his Twitter blog here.

Will Minehart did field work in ornithology at Los Amigos in 2008. Read his Los Amigos blog »


Professional photographers Sam Abell and Torben Nissen worked together at Los Amigos in 2004 and 2007. Photographs from those journeys can be found throughout the ACA website.

Graham D. Anderson, an Australian wildlife photographer, was resident artist at Los Amigos during August and September 2009. See samples of his impressive in-flight bird and bat photos to the right.

André Baertschi, a professional wildlife photographer from Switzerland, has worked at Los Amigos and elsewhere in Madre de Dios for many years. Several of his photos are featured on the ACA website. Find more of his work at his site »

Frances Buerkens, a student at Berea College, was resident artist at Los Amigos in June-July 2008. One of her photographs accompanied a 2008 New Scientist article on gold mining in the rainforest.

Raechel Running, a professional photographer from the United States, worked at Los Amigos in 2006 and took many of the photos on the ACA website. See more of her work »

Gabby Salazar, a student at Brown University, and Rick Stanley, a student at Harvard, were artists in residence at Los Amigos in July 2008. You can see more of their work at and Gabby also edits an online nature photography magazine.

Thomas Struth, a celebrated German artist, took photographs at the station in 2005 as part of his “Paradise” series. The photographs on display here have been exhibited in Italy, Switzerland, and New York, in prints measuring as large as 2 x 3 meters.

Antonio Vizcaíno, a professional photographer from Mexico, took photographs at Los Amigos in 2006 for the book Wildlands philanthropy: The great American tradition. More of his work is on display at America Natural, his project to photograph wildlands from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego.


Children’s Art

Schoolchildren in the villages around Los Amigos do a lot of art—see the side bar for a few examples.


Poet Kelly Egan served as artist in residence at Los Amigos in October and November 2008.


Are you a sculptor? Become a resident artist at CICRA!

Comic books

Believe it or not, we have a comic book (PDF) telling the story of the past seven years at our Los Amigos Biological Station (CICRA). The creative genius in this case was ACA Board member (and former Science Director at CICRA), Nigel Pitman.

T-Shirt Design

Several people have made t-shirt designs for Los Amigos. Check out the good, the bad, and the ugly:

T-shirt designs

Designs by Kate Davis (giant otters) and Nigel Pitman. Purchase the "su carretera es interoceanica …" t-shirt »


Drawing and photo

Drawing and photo: Christina DiPaci

Jacamar by Graham Anderson

Photo: Gordon Ulmer's bio beats

Drawing of girl with jaguar

Drawing: Susan Cousineau

Jacamar by Graham Anderson

Photo: Graham D. Anderson (

Bat by Graham Anderson

Photo: Graham D. Anderson (

Photo of mushrooms

Photo: Francis Buerkens

Photo of trees

Photo: Thomas Struth

Photo of pink sunset

Photo: Antonio Vizcaíno

Photo of group of people in a kids' drawings

Children’s drawings (top to bottom): Cesar, 5; Yadira, 9; Maria Olivia, 2

red tapestry