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CICRA Forms and Registration

Wed like to welcome you to our Los Amigos Biological Station, known as CICRA to researchers and friends. Nestled in the southwestern Amazon just beyond the foothills of the Andes mountains, CICRA is an excellent place to study biodiversity and forest composition, land use change, and lowland tropical ecosystems, as well as discover new species! Its also an awe-inspiring place that has served as a muse for scores of artists and scientific tourists.

If you would like to visit CICRA and know the dates you will be with us, please see the registration section below with instructions. If you want more information about preparing for your stay at Los Amigos and getting to the station, check out our CICRA forms and information section below. If you scroll down to the bottom of the page, youll find Los Amigos and CICRA maps of our biological station trails and those at our satellite sites, our conservation concession boundaries, and other data that will help you refine your research proposal. For the latest prices to stay at CICRA, please email .

CICRA forms and information:

If you are interested in volunteering at CICRA, you can apply here.

Registration to concuct research at CICRA

Please fill out and email a completed research application form (doc) (or a version in Spanish) with necessary attachments to .

Los Amigos and CICRA maps

Below is a series of maps of CICRA and the Los Amigos Conservation Concession, which ACA provides to visitors, researchers, and the public, and which are sporadically updated. If you have any comments, suggestions or data you'd like to provide to improve these maps, please email . Please note that all maps are in Spanish.

More than science is going on at CICRA—learn about the Los Amigos Art Program.

ACCA Boat Schedule to and from CICRA

To get to the Los Amigos Biological Station (CICRA) by boat, you will first need to use ground transportation to get from Puerto Maldonado to the port of Laberinto (~1 hour). You can find up-to-date prices and instructions for this by contacting our reservations team at

From there, you can arrange to take an ACCA boat to CICRA, which takes 4-6 hours.

Alternatively, if you need to reach the station on a day when the CICRA boat is not available, you could arrange to take the Water Taxi which leaves Labertino daily and takes between 5 and 12 hours to reach the station. Please contact for more information.



View from Tower

View from the communications tower at CICRA. Photo: Gabby Salazar

Photo of researchers and tapir

Researchers with a captured tapir that they’re about to fit with a radio collar. Photo: Mathias Tobler

Photo of CICRA lab

Lab at CICRA. Photo: Nigel Pitman

The beginning of the stairs up from the river to CICRA. Photo: Adrian Tejedor

Photo of seed pods and notebook

Seed pods and field notebook. Photo: Raechel Running


red tapestry