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Research Scholarships

Our scholarship program gives researchers the resources they need to carry out pressing field work in tropical forests. The program provides young Peruvian biologists with opportunities for independent research and brings researchers from around the world to work at our Los Amigos Biological Station, Villa Carmen Biological Station, and Wayqecha Cloud Forest Biological Station.

Since 2003, we have granted more than 140 scholarships to support scientific research in Peru. The majority of the scholarships benefit Peruvian researchers who are conducting biological studies in our research stations in Cusco and Madre de Dios.

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Testimonials about Scholarships

“My work at Los Amigos has been the most gratifying educational experience of my life. This is the first time I have ever received support for my academic career... I owe you eternal thanks and respect; because of this grant I have taken my first step towards a career in aquatic ecology and conservation.”   —Diana López (Peru), biology student at San Marcos University, Lima, Peru

“Los Amigos is one of the finest research stations I have ever visited. Such accommodations allow researchers to optimize their field work time, resulting in extremely productive field seasons. I hope that you fully appreciate what a difference you are making in the lives of students and researchers as well as the advancement of scientific knowledge. I can not thank you enough for your generosity.”   —Rachelle M. M. Adams (USA), PhD candidate at University of Texas at Austin

“I deeply admire the work you’ve done supporting conservation in the Andes-Amazon region, and I appreciate very much the opportunities you’re giving young Peruvian biologists to become experts in their fields, realize their academic dreams, and improve themselves personally and professionally.”   —Luis Suárez (Peru), master’s student at La Molina University, Lima, Peru

“I would like to tell you that I think the grant program at Los Amigos is a great success. I have done field research at many different sites in the Peruvian Amazon, and nowhere else have I seen students researching such a breadth of topics as at Los Amigos. I think offering grants to both Peruvian and foreign researchers is a great strength of the program; it provides a lot of opportunity for collaboration among scientists and for research development in Peru.”   —Dr. Megan Frederickson (Canada), post-doc at Harvard University

“I really appreciate that there are people like you who care about supporting the education and training of graduate students carrying out research in western Amazonia. Their funds are well spent, and are used to generate more knowledge that will have a positive impact on the conservation of biodiversity in this region.”   —Rudolf von May (Peru), Ph.D. candidate at Florida International University

“The benefits of ACA grants extend beyond individuals; they enhance our understanding of biological processes in tropical forests by facilitating species inventories and other basic research, thus providing a solid foundation for decision-making and conservation. Support for such research is becoming increasingly rare. I greatly appreciate the ACA funding I received. It opened a new horizon in my research program and continues to have a positive influence on my professional development.”   —Dr. Steve Yanoviak (USA), professor at University of Arkansas


Peruvian college student photo

With the backing of an ACA scholarship, Peruvian college student Angelica Garcia surveys seedlings at CICRA. Photo: Jorge Macahuachi

Students track tapirs at Los Amigos

Two scholarship recipients track tapirs from the Los Amigos tower. Photo: Nigel Pitman

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